[the endless sea/silentwave]



スウェーデンなど数々のレーベルなどからリリースを 重ね、「光と闇」「人間と自然」「意識と無意識」を テーマに活動す日本人るミュージシャンSILENTWAVEが 自身のレーベルHISS NOISE RECORDからリリースの ライブ盤。2017/11/2にCONTACT TOKYO「MNML SSGS PARTY」にて行ったライブパフォーマンス再現音源で、ドローンとテクノ。その可能性を追求した作品。

The River /silentwave


o1 The River

02 The Mountain


Limited edition tape (30 hand-numbered copies), professional duplication. C50. Hand-stamped ("Hylé" logo in black). Artwork printed on 280g paper.                                    


Hylé Tapes 045 : "The River" by silentwave.


Photography By Kento Morishita

[gterma051] : Silentwave - Daiyuzan



 The temple complex at Daiyuzan Saijoji is but one of many shrines in Japan hidden away among trees and hills. These places offer a welcome change of pace from the busy cities and a chance to experience a very special type of quiet and tranquility (unless you bump into a huge group of visitors that is...).

On this album composer Noguchi Yoshinori paints a minimalistic path along the winding steps that lead through the Daiyuzan... grounds. The result is an introspective walk along the remote path that leads to past, present and future.